Molly Stuckey, M.A. CCC, SLP

Founder & Owner of Friendship Builders,
June 2021

Molly Stuckey, M.A. CCC, SLP, founded Friendship Builders in 2021, to help children and teens build healthy friendships. In her 25 years as a Speech and Language Pathologist, Ms. Stuckey has discovered that small group instruction is the best environment to develop social skills. Friendship Builder’s goal is to improve impulse control, frustration tolerance, and emotional regulation.

Director of Speech and Language Oct 2019 - Present

At Accel Therapies in Newport Beach, Ms. Stuckey supervised Speech and Language Pathologists, SLPA's, and interns. She conducted evaluations and provided individual therapy for children from 8 months to 18 years. Ms. Stuckey specializes in fluency, Autism, social skills, and Apraxia.

Owner of Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc.

June 2006 - Oct 2019
Founder and owner of Coastal Speech Therapy, Inc., located in Newport Beach, CA. Trained and supervised Speech and Language Pathologists and SLPA's. Managed assessments, therapy, insurance coverage, employees, and HR. Ensured best practices and clinical efficacy for all clients. Implemented and sustained graduate level intern supervision at Emerson, NYU, and Chapman University.
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The Author, Molly Bryn Stuckey, M.A. CCC, SLP
received her undergraduate degree in Communications from The University of California Santa Barbara, in 1997. She then earned a Master's of Science degree in Communication Disorders from California State University Long Beach, in 2003. After receiving her student teaching credential in Clinical Rehabilitative Services (CRS) and finishing her Clinical Certificate of Competence (CC) in 2005, she established Coastal Speech Therapy; a pediatric private practice located in Newport Beach, CA.

After 20 years, Ms. Stuckey sold her practice, Coastal Speech Therapy Inc., and founded Friendship Builders as a result of the pediatric social regression in speech and language skills secondary to Covid.
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