Friendship Builders


Social skills in Newport Beach

Social skills provide children with a wide range of benefits. They are linked to greater success in school and better relationships with peers.

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Why Friendship Builders?

In an confusing world filled with distractions and anxeity we believe the path to improvement is in small social skills instruction. We work with your family to improve your child's impulse control, frustration tolerance and emotional regulation. At Friendship Builders we work with children of all ages and developmental abilities to empower self confidence by improving their social potential and language development.

A visual approach to your child's communication

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During Covid my daughter started showing a lot of social anxiety and fear in social situations. She didn’t know how to read facial cues and feel comfortable in social situations. Ms. Molly has taught my daughter how to start a conversation and show interest in other people. My daughter does not interrupt as much and knows how to regulate her emotions, control her impulses, and self-soothe when she’s frustrated. Thank you Ms. Molly for your social skills groups!

Charles L.

My child has been going to Molly for a social skills group since 2021. Molly is so caring and wants the best for each individual kid. The Program, goals and instruction for our kids, are always spot on and targeting areas that need to be addressed, especially in social skill setting (taking turns, cheering everybody up/ sportsmanship, managing feelings for small or big problems, expressing feelings. confidence etc.) The benefits of this social skill program are tremendous to shape our children to be well adjusted, and my child has progressed exponentially since working with her. I recommend Molly to any parent who wants to increase their children's social skills. She is wonderful and knowledgeable and you will be absolutely thankful for her service and knowledge . Thank You Molly for all you do!.

ES /Parent

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Ms. Molly has provided my son with the self confidence I always knew he had, but his social anxiety prevented him from showing it. When my son received a diagnosis of high functioning Autism, my husband and I were so scared and confused. Ms. Molly provided us with the support and guidance we so desperately needed. Her professional knowledge and positive, kind, and energetic personality is so contagious. Ms. Molly taught my son how to have a conversation, understand his emotions, and control his anxiety and impulsivity to improve social relationships. Thank you Ms. Molly, for all you have done for our son! We don’t know what we would have done without you.

Mary C.